Public Relations

Unprecedented Access to the Natural Products Industry

The Shelton Group specializes in strategic communications within the dietary supplements and natural products industry. Our experience connects you with an extensive network of individuals, organizations and companies to help publicize your organization, while providing valuable connections to experts in the areas of regulatory compliance and scientific research. With longstanding relationships with key industry leaders and membership in four industry trade associations, we provide unprecedented access to the industry.

We keep our client list intentionally exclusive, ensuring you receive priority attention and service. We work closely with you to understand your products and philosophy, allowing us to tailor a unique plan to help you reach the target audience.  We understand the industry's unique sensibilities, challenges and regulatory climate because we work exclusively in this very specialized niche. We’ll always have your back, which is why our clients stay with us for so many years. In fact, several clients have been with us for more than a decade.

We have a strong interest in protecting the integrity and image of the industry, and are often involved in and vocal about furthering best practices.

The Shelton Group will work with you to identify and refine your priorities. We will then develop tactics such as media relations plans, industry visibility campaigns, educational programs and other ways of meeting your objectives.

We are experienced in crisis communications and handling the outreach involved in a recall or other challenging situation. We also provide the extra assistance needed by international clients. 

Client Spotlight: Sabinsa

“The Shelton Group’s ability to communicate our values, the science behind our products and our commitment to quality continues to play a major role in telling our story. Their devoted advocacy on behalf of clients and the industry, coupled with insistence on best practices, truly gives great value and meaning for our company and the industry as a whole.”

Shaheen Majeed
Marketing Director
Sabinsa Corporation