Public Relations






Substantial Visibility in the Natural Products Industry

The Shelton Group was built on delivering substantive editorial presence for dietary supplements and natural products. We specialize in strategic communications, creating product visibility, facilitating networking with key industry leaders, and working in partnership with clients to demonstrate their industry leadership.

Effective media relations and PR in this industry requires an understanding of the regulatory requirements and unique sensibilities of this very specific category. As the longest operating PR and marketing firm specializing exclusively in this industry, we know what opportunities are available, when they are the right fit, and how to make the most of them.

Our experience and reputation connects clients with an extensive network of individuals, organizations and companies to help publicize your company and products providing unparalleled access to the industry.

Because we keep our client list intentionally exclusive, clients receive priority attention and service. We’ll always have your back, which is why our clients stay with us for so many years.

The Shelton Group will work with you to identify and refine your priorities then determine the right tactics to meet your objectives.

We are experienced in crisis communications and handling communications in a recall and other challenging situations. We also provide the extra assistance needed by international clients.

Our strong interest in protecting the integrity and image of the industry means we’re often involved in furthering best practices. We’ve been given awards for contributions to the industry above and beyond those expected for business success.

Consistently Recognized for Industry Advocacy & Leadership